Why responsive web design is so important for New Zealand? A TradeMe point of view.

So what is the exciting news / trends for the New Zealand web experience?

Good old InternetExplorer 6, 7, 8 and even his newer brothers 9 and 10 are losing heaps of users/ interest.
“Thank god” some would say! Others “oh no I earn good money with making it compatible”.
But even my mum in her golden age of 63 finally understands that Chrome & Mozilla are faster and deliver a more reliable experience.

So yes we can relax a bit on the JavaScript “make it compatible for old Internet Explorer front“, at least in NZ.

That is just in time because mobile is taking off in NZ .
The world is going mobile!   Especially in the Pacific region.

So that’s why I keep praying my mantra of get your page ready for the mobile & tablet.
Responsive web design is the standard of tomorrow.

Or at least have a mobile phone or tablet app ready for download on your site. Especially if you sell stuff or services. Yes I’m shouting it from the roof top!

responsive web devices

Android & iOS are equal in the race. 

Wow that is surprising news, after the big Samsung Android hysteria we have seen the last couple of months. Hold on, did I forget Windows Phone?
No sorry there is not such a thing as Windows Phone, at least not in New Zealand. No matter how hard Microsoft pushes it including RT.
The net, or should I say the people who drive the net, decided that Microsoft is the new IBM and its home is the infrastructure not the end user device.
And yes after I forced myself through 4 generations of Windows Mobile Devices I can so understand that trend.

A word about the rich client myth in NZ (Apple is  No.1):

Stop dreaming!
The Microsoft PC is still leading the game with over 80% of users on TradeMe and Mr Good Looking Mac is only at 18%.
Guess who has 2%? Right I am still laughing when in 1999 the German government announced that the Linux Desktop is the future. Not the first time the German government was completely wrong when it comes to guessing what people really like.

In the US the Mac is sky rocketing and clearly over the 50% mark.
It’s the first time in 25 years Apple is market leader again in the US, at least in personal computing.

Not so in NZ at least not on TradeMe.

In Germany on the other hand, the Mac is almost completely ignored and at about 3-5% market share.
So web designers be warned!
Even when Microsoft pushes out Win 8.1 RT high res version (yes it is not dead, ignore the press gossip)
and let’s assume Dell, Toshiba and HP do follow Microsoft’s suggestion to quickly bring out optimised hardware for high resolution notebooks powered by Windows 8.1
Safari is and will never be the browser we want to web develop / test in, as much wishful thinking you graphic nerds try!

I still cross browser test in all versions of IE on  https://saucelabs.com/.
I could not believe how daring Adobe was to switch my good old browser lab off.
Also I run my virtual Windows 7 and 8 machines on virtual box on my Mac.

Enjoy all the details of the TradeMe stats at:


Please let me know if you need more information or a ramp up of the latest web trends.
I can help you to get the transition to a fully responsive web page going.
No I do not code but I know the people who can and yes I read code and know what works and what not.
Flick me a …? Whatever you like. I am responsive on all channels.


Adobe and Microsoft technology expert and evangelist.

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