About Dirk


I am an internet technology evangelist.
There are people who call me an enterprise consultant.
Others tell me I am an internet guru and social media expert.
My wife calls me a geek.

I had job titles ranging from:

  • Senior Escalation Engineer
  • Lead Software Architect
  • Agile Project Manager
  • Database Analyst and BI Specialist
  • Web Design & Infrastructure Trainer

The simple truth is:
I do not care what people call me, but if you have a computer/software related problem…..
I can fix it!

I worked for the evil (Microsoft & IBM) and for the good (Apple & Adobe).
I don’t separate my knowledge in hard & software or in BI & graphic design.

I don’t preach Apple, Microsoft or Google.
I just love them all. Because they all mean trouble…..
and I can fix that trouble.

So if you ask me what is the system I like best?
Then I usually will answer: Microsoft
The reason is: They cause the most trouble of all…..
and I can fix that too.

If you ask me which gadgets I have on my desk or in my pocket?
My answer is: all of them. But some are special to me!  Apple
For the simple reason they are sexy…..
and I like sexy things.

You don’t believe a word and think I am just bold?
Try me!

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